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Hi! Welcome to the Sergeant's Boxers website! Thank you for stopping by! We are Cassie and Luke!

First off, Boxers are the absolute best family members imaginable. Luke and I gained our first boxer family member in 2016. From the very beginning, we were hooked! Boxers are like chips, you can’t just have one! Sergeant quickly became a major part of our family, hence the name of Sergeant’s Boxers. We then gained our newest addition, Diva (and boy does her name fit her well!). We were overjoyed with our family fur-members and wanted to provide joy to other families. That is when we decided we wanted to breed Boxers and bring love and happiness to other families, just as our Boxers brought love and happiness into ours. Our family continued to grow, as did our happiness and joy! We now have 8 boxers and one spayed boxer mix. All are our fur-kids first and foremost!

Diva and Sergeant had their first litter in 2018. Since then, we have learned so much about the breed and about producing healthy puppies. Our Boxers are health tested for ARVC and DM and bred to produce the healthiest puppies we possibly can. A lot of thought and research goes into each and every breeding.

In the early part of 2019, we started showing. This was such a new experience for us, but we enjoyed it so very much! Bailey was our first girl to show and she had a blast! Her face would light up when trotting around the ring. She obtained her International and National Champion Title that weekend and we were so very proud of her!

We then dabbled a bit in Dog Dash through International Canine Events (ICE), which is a 100 yard dash that is timed and converted into MPH, which is then converted into points. Remington and Diva were a little hesitant at first, but ended up doing very well by the end of the weekend. By the 4th run, they were so excited to get out there and perform! They ran their hearts out and smiled while doing so. It also helped that daddy was there the second day and waiting at the finish line for them :)

Captain and Benelli went to their first show in June of 2019. Benelli was just 3 months old and competed in the baby class. She did so very well! She gained great ratings that first day and caught the eyes of everyone there! She was known as “that cute baby”! Captain also did very well! He strutted around the ring and smiled the entire time! It was not hard to see that this was something he enjoyed so very much! We couldn't wait to get them back out there for the next show!

In September of 2019, we went to 2 shows! The first show was a UKC show. Captain and Bailey competed and had a blast. Captain obtained his UKC Champion. Bailey obtained all of the points needed and is now only waiting for her competition wins. We cant wait to call her a UKC Champion too!

The other show in September was IABCA. Captain gained his National, International and Honors Ch. titles. Benelli and Dawn both gained their National, International and Honors Baby Champion titles. At only 3 months old, Dawn made it to Best of Show during this show! It is the best feeling in the world to see the smiles on their faces and their eyes lighting up! They all had a blast!

Welcome 2020!! Dawn, Benelli, and Captain started the year off right by attending the 2020 Alvarado LoneStar State Winter Grand Prix on Jan 25-26! Dawn and Benelli obtained their National Jr, International Jr, and International Bronze Jr Champion Titles. Captain obtained his Honors Bronze Champion Title. Dawn earned 1X Best in Show BBX Puppy and 3X Reserve Best in Show BBX puppy. 

Benelli and Dawn attended a UKC show Feb. 2nd and 3rd in Longview, TX. Both girls did well. They both won first in each of their classes and Dawn won Reserve Best of Breed in all four shows.

They girls, Benelli and Dawn, attended the UKC show in Addison, Tx the weekend of March 7th and 8th with Angie Sanchez of Sanchez AKC Boxers. We were unable to attend due to puppies being at home, but didnt want the girls to miss out on a great weekend of showing! Dawn got first in class for all three shows. Benelli got first in class all three shows. Benelli also got Reserve Best Female in two show and Best female in one show. For being at a show without mama and dad, the girls did so good! Im so proud of them and a special thanks to Angie for talking the girls!

They will be competing in several more UKC shows in the next few months to achieve their UKC Champion Titles. We look forward to the upcoming shows and we are so very excited!!

We will continue to show and have many great things planned! 2020 will be filled with many more shows and great memories!!


Shows will start up again once Covid 19 settles down. Until then, the puppers will be playing hard and enjoying the beautiful weather!


Next litters will be around the end of June. Stay tuned for more information!


*The wait list is ongoing. This means that for every litter, Sergeants Boxers will go down the list and offer puppies to the families in order of deposits received. The family may choose a puppy from the current litter or may pass to wait for a later litter. Even if the family initially expressed the desire for a puppy from a future litter early in the conversation, they will still be asked if they would like to select a puppy when the current litter selections start. Selections start at each litter's 6 weeks of age mark. This allows the families to not only pick from color, but also from personality. 

*Beside each family name is the initial desired color/sex of the family's future puppy. Please know that these can change at any time and are only listed for reference. 

Future Litter:

Mcintyre Family- Euro Litter- end of year/early 2021

Lenhard Family- Fawn (litter later in the year)

Rodgers Family- Flashy Brindle Male

Bock Family- Male- Classic- Mild Temperament 

Cummings Family- Fawn male, Brindle male, Female fawn, Female brindle

Hobson Family- Fawn Male


Hausler family- flashy fawn/brindle female

Kasukinis family- male- calm disposition

Hanna family- Male

Sanjuan family- brindle female

Williams- flashy fawn/brindle male

Madison-flashy fawn male

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