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Diva Marie Cunningham

Call Name: Diva

DOB: July 18,2016

Color: Classic Brindle

AKC # WS54138702

Sire: Dovetail Ranch's Riggin

Dam: Princess Honey VI

DM: At Risk

ARVC: Carrier

58 Dash Dog Points 


Ms. Diva Marie was our first female Boxer. She most certainly lives up to her name and is definitely the Diva.  She is the only Boxer we have who does not love the water! She would rather stay clean and dry. "Hugs" are her favorite. She has produced three large, healthy litters but you couldn't tell by looking at her. She stays in tip top shape. Each litter has been large, ranging from 8-10 puppies. Diva's favorite things include snuggling on the couch with her daddy, riding the ATV and Tractor, taking car rides, and giving hugs. 

Health Testing

DM: At risk

ARVC: Carrier


Diva is on her way to obtaining her Dog Dash title at this time! 

Future Litters

Diva has been retired and is now living the spoiled rotten life!

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