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Sergeant’s Boxers
Located here is all of the information on our upcoming litters in one location.
**This includes information about us and our love of Boxers, what we do, our fur-babies, our current and future litters, our process, and our waitlist. 


First off, we would like to thank you for your interest in Sergeant’s Boxers! We hope you love the breed as much as we do! I would like to take a second and invite you to like our Facebook page for continuous updates on all of our fur-babies and their future and past offspring.

About us and our love of Boxers
Now, let me tell you a little about us! Luke and I gained our first boxer family member in 2016. From the very beginning, we were hooked! We IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the breed and could not figure out how we have survived without these fur-babies in our lives. Sergeant (our very first) quickly became a major part of our family, hence the name of Sergeant’s Boxers. We then gained our next addition, Diva (and boy does her name fit her well!). We were overjoyed with our family fur-members and wanted to provide joy and happiness to other families. That is when we decided we wanted to learn more about the breed and develop a trusted breeding program. Our reason was this: since our fur-babies brought us this happiness and joy, we wanted to provide the same to other families. We started researching and spent a lot of time learning about everything possible about the breed and any related health conditions we could prevent our puppies from experiencing. We knew that we wanted to breed ethically and ensure that families received the healthiest boxer puppies possible. Our boxer’s health and happiness are very important to us, as are the puppies we produce. To this day, we still research and follow lots of canine medical information and research. 

More about what we do
Since we started this wonderful journey, we have entered the show world and canine events. We absolutely enjoy doing these things with our family fur-members and seeing them have so much fun while doing it. To see their eyes light up when strutting around the ring is happiness overload. While having fun showing our babies, it also has benefits to our families as well. By showing them, we are able to prove that our boxer’s conformation is correct. A conformation championship from a recognized national kennel club is generally considered a reasonably objective indication of merit, as it indicates that the dog has been found to be a superior example of its breed by a number of different judges on a number of separate occasions. This means that our boxers represent the breed well. When families obtain a puppy from us, they are getting a quality boxer and not a questionable puppy. 
Because we do so much with our boxers to ensure they are in excellent health and are happy, our prices may be higher than other breeders who do not prioritize these same important things. The saying that “you get what you pay for” absolutely applies to puppies as well. When families purchase puppies from those who do not prioritize the health and wellbeing of their boxers and puppies, the quality of the puppy may be significantly reduced. The parent’s pedigree, the parent’s health, the puppy’s health, the dog’s temperament, and the breeder’s dedication to the program makes the difference between ethical breeding and non-ethical breeding. 
Most Breeders DO NOT do the necessary health testing on their dogs. All of our Boxers have been tested for Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC) and Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and bred with the results in mind to prevent these diseases from occurring in our puppies produced. DM is an awful disease that causes paraplegia and paralysis. A dog, with this disease, will likely require the use of a wheelchair and assistance from the owner to get around, and will lose control of their bladder and bowels. It is an awful and drawn out disease in which the dog will likely suffer prior to dying. ARVC is a congenital heart condition that causes an abnormal and fatal heart rhythm. One minute you could be playing fetch with your fur-baby and the next minute your fur-baby could suddenly die if they have this disease. While DM usually occurs later in the Boxer’s life, ARVC can cause the diseased dog to die at a VERY young age. Both diseases are absolutely horrible diseases and preventable. Both of these diseases are GENETIC and can be tested for, which is why we absolutely test for them. Puppies produced from Sergeant’s Boxers will not be at risk for these diseases, as this is one of the most important things to our breeding program. We only produce HEALTHY and HAPPY puppies. To prove this, we offer a 2 year health guarantee and lifetime breeder support. 
To sum this up, think about this: If you were to spend less on a lesser quality puppy and bringing home a puppy whose parents have not been health tested, the puppy’s health could be compromised. If the puppy does end up sick with these illnesses, you will likely spend loads on vet bills and possibly watch your fur-baby suffer with one of these horrible diseases that can shave YEARS off of their life span. Please take this in consideration when adding a new Boxer puppy into your family. Boxers are the best dogs ever and deserve the healthiest, longest life possible. 
The last thing that really makes our boxers superior to other breeder’s boxers is temperament. All of our boxers have fantastic temperaments. They are all loving, not only to us and other people, but to each other as well. We can place all of our boxers together in one large fenced in area with no concern about whether they will get along or not. They all play together and love each other very much. This is crucial for those with families.
We appreciate the love and support we receive from our puppy families! Without loving families seeking an addition of a healthy and happy boxer family fur-member, we would not be where we are today….. Providing families with the most loving fur-babies ever!


Our Fur-babies and extended family fur-babies
   All of our fur-babies reside with us and are all loved so very much. None of our crew are permanent “outside dogs”, as we do not believe in this. They are all granted outside play every day in our large yard but all come inside to sleep at night. They are first and foremost members of our family and are treated as such. Retired females are/will not be rehomed, as we don’t believe in discarding them once they are through breeding. They remain with us their whole lives being loved by their family like they should. They are ours for life. To uproot them into new homes is something we do not believe in doing since we know them best and they are most comfortable with us. Many breeders rehome their retired females to make room, but that certainly is not something we would even consider doing. 

   Our fur-babies:
   Sergeant Cunningham- Our first boxer fur-baby. Sergeant is one of the sweetest, most lovable boys. He is certainly a special boy. Sergeant is a 100% American classic fawn. Don't let his size fool you. He may be rather large, but Sergeant is a very loyal and sweet boy. He is just an all-around amazing boy. He is a huge baby and snuggle boy!
   Diva Marie Cunningham- Diva certainly lives up to her name. She is such a Diva. Diva is a 100% American classic brindle and our first female Boxer. Her favorite thing to do is ride the ATV with her daddy and give lots of "hugs".
   Bailey Ann Cunningham- Bailey is a 100% European flashy brindle Boxer with plenty of energy and love to share. She is a very sweet girl who absolutely loves water. Her favorite past time is swimming in the pond and playing in the water hose. She is an International and National Champion. Bailey has all of her UKC points for her champion title and is now just waiting to gain her competition wins. Her daughter, Benelli, also resides at Sergeant's Boxers and is our first keeper puppy.
   Remington Marie Cunningham- Remington is a 100% American flashy fawn Boxer. She is the calmest, most laid back Boxer I have ever met. She would love nothing better than to just lay on the couch and snuggle. Just like her best friend Bailey, Remi absolutely loves the water. Her dive into the pond is hilarious! Remi is the mother to our beautiful girl, Dawn!
   Kimber Lea Cunningham- Kimber is a mostly American flashy fawn Boxer, but does have a small portion of Euro in her lineage. She is somewhat petite, but don't let her size fool you! She can pull her weight just fine. Kimber loves snuggling and giving LOTS of "kisses". Her best girl friend is Diva, but she’s not much into hanging out with the crowd. She would rather just hang out with her daddy on the couch.
   El Capitan Box Von Sanchez-Captain is 50/50 Euro/American flashy fawn male. He is a UKC Champion and an International, National and Honors Champion with IABCA. He is also an International ICE Honors Bronze Ch. Captain is quite the sweetheart and so full of energy. He is our second to show and the smile on his face when trotting in the ring is priceless. There is no doubt he loves it! 
   Sergeant’s Benelli- Benelli is also 100% European, as well as the daughter of our beautiful girl Bailey. She has the sweetest heart and loves to give lots of "kisses". Just like her mama, she loves water! Benelli is an International, National and Honors Baby Champion, as well as has her International, National and International Bronze Jr. Champion titles! Benelli also has her UKC Ch. Title! Benelli is definitely a "Mama's Girl"! She is literally the sweetest girl ever and has the sweetest expressions.
   Sergeant’s Darkest Before Dawn- Dawn is our second keeper puppy! Her Mother is our very own Remington Marie Cunningham. We are so very happy she will be staying with us and have so many wonderful things planned for this sweet girl!! Dawn in a National, International and Honors Baby Champion, as well as a National, International, and International Bronze Jr. Champion. Dawn has won X1 Best in Show BBX puppy and X3 Reserve Best in Show BBX puppy through ICE dog shows. Dawn is now also a UKC Champion. 
   Sanchez’s Moonlight Madness- Harley is one of our newest addition to our Boxer family! She came from Sanchez AKC Boxers, who are our show and breeder friends! Harley has quite the fun and outgoing personality! She is full of much energy and keeps us on our toes!  Harley obtained her UKC Ch in her first year, making is so proud! More to come on this beautiful girl!

Sergeant's Stormy Weather- Stormy is the second keeper puppy from our Bailey! She has such a sweet demeanor and ever so gentle. Stormy is very smart and is such a quick learner. Stormy adores Dawn and Harley and loves playing with them both! She will be joining her fur-siblings in the ring very soon!
   Our extended family fur-babies:
   Franco Box Von Sanchez- Franco came to stay with us (for many months) from Sanchez AKC Boxers. He is the father to our Benelli. He is full of character and personality. Franco absolutely fit in well with our crew and loves the water just as much as the others. We very much enjoyed this sweet boy! He is now living with a wonderful family. Franco is an International Ch. 

Our Future Breedings (these will all be estimated times) 

Each breeding WILL contain at least one Champion parent. (Many breeders will say things like “champion lineage”, though many of these “Champions” are not the parents of the puppies, but in the earlier generations and does NOT prove anything about conformation of the puppies. 
***Sergeant’s Boxers does not produce sealed-colored puppies, as this is not a coloring accepted in the Boxer standard. Many breeders will tell their potential families that this coloring is rare and/or unique, but this is NOT the case.

•    Benelli- Breeding is planned for early 2024 with Diesel. This will be a 100% Euro litter. 

The Process 
   From the moment of the mother’s heat until the puppies are placed in their fur-ever home, we dedicate much attention to the mother and puppies to ensure a happy, healthy and safe delivery, as well as healthy growth and development of the puppies. This is a very special time! Mothers are administered folic acid to assist with the developing puppies and mothers are transitioned to puppy food the last part of the pregnancy, as recommended by reproduction vets. Around day 35 gestation, we perform ultrasound to verify pregnancy. 
We ensure that all adults remain vaccinated, as per our vet’s recommendations, to prevent the puppies the possibility of contracting any illnesses. We also take other extra measures to prevent any illnesses from befalling our little ones. Puppies are born and raised entirely in our homes with constant supervision. We watch, interact, play with and love each puppy as if they were our own. Around 3-4 weeks of age, the puppies are placed in large pens where they are safe and allowed to play together. Here, they begin to experience activities for proper cognitive development. They also begin socialization at this time. The puppies are provided plenty of toys to allow for more fun interaction between each other. This assists the puppies with developing interaction skills to prevent them from being timid or frightened. Potty training is started around this time as well. 
Puppies are not allowed to touch the ground outside until their 6 week’s shots have been administered. Until then, puppies are taught to use either puppy pads or are litter trained. When going to the vet for the removal of dew claws and docking of tails, puppies are taken in a basket and are not allowed to touch any other surface other than the sanitized vet table. Since I have such a good relationship with my vet, I am allowed to be present for the tail docking and dew claw removal. Because of this, I am able to keep eyes on the puppies at all times. This ensures that the puppies remain safe. 
Once the puppies are old enough to begin the weaning process, the puppies are gradually started on puppy mush. Once they have mastered puppy mush, they are gradually removed from the mother. They are then gradually started on a high quality puppy food (Purina Pro Plan) around the 6 weeks of age time frame. During the 6 weeks shots, our vet also does a thorough evaluation of every puppy to ensure that no abnormalities are found. Puppies are then allowed to spend some supervised time outside playing in a secure pen. 
After the puppies have received their shots, we then allow families to come out and meet the puppies. It is then that families on our waitlist are allowed to start selecting their puppies. We encourage families to wait to select their puppies until this time so that families are able to see the puppy’s personalities instead of selecting puppies solely on coloring. 
From the time the puppies are born to the time they leave, we take pictures and/or videos weekly. We want our families to be able to watch these babies grow, as this is such an exciting time. 

What your future puppy from Sergeant’s Boxers come with!
All puppies will have their tails docked and dew claws removed. They will all be administered their first set of shots at 6 weeks and undergo a full vet evaluation at this time. They will be given dewormer, as recommended at week 2, 4 and 6 with pyrantel (strongid). They will then be given 3 days in a row of a different dewormer (panacur) and Albon (mild antibiotic) prior to leaving for their fur-ever home. This last concoction is a procedure that I and my vet have agreed upon administering since puppies are most susceptible to all sorts of communicable illnesses and we want your future baby to be as healthy as possible. 
Puppies will also be microchipped using AKC Reunite, which I cover the cost for. I even enter all of the information needed once the puppies have gone to their forever homes. We always enter ourselves (Sergeant’s Boxers) as the secondary contact on the microchips in case there were ever a time that a family could not be reached. This allows us to be contacted to ensure the puppy’s safety. This also prevent any of our puppies from ever being placed in a shelter, should a family decide they are unable to keep the puppy later in life. 
All puppies also come with a puppy pack/gift bag. These include hundreds of dollars’ worth of goodies! This includes a small bag of puppy food, a blanket that smells like mom, several toys that smell like the littermates (puppies play with these toys), AKC paperwork, health guarantee/spay neuter contract, several printed tips and tricks on training, puppy pedigree, shot records, puppy training pads, microchip information, and a sentimental gift from us at Sergeant’s Boxers. 


* There are no price differences on gender or coloring. The only differences in prices are related to Euro vs American descent. 
**All puppies are homed on a spay/neuter contract unless the puppy is going to a show home. WE DO NOT SALE BREEDING RIGHTS unless the puppy will be fully health tested and shown to obtain a title/titles. In order for this to occur, the potential family must specifically ask about this process and Sergeant’s Boxers WILL remain on the AKC paperwork as a co-owner until all requirements are met. 
*** All litters WILL contain at least one CHAMPION parent!
•    Deposits are $200 and DOES go towards the total amount. 
o    Deposits are 100% refundable at any time up until the family has selected a puppy at 6 weeks of age, in which the deposit then becomes non-refundable. 
•    American or mostly American litters are $2500. 
•    Partial EURO (50% or higher) litters are $2500.
•    Full European litters are $2500. 


   Shipping is available! Family located locally (within 150 miles of Sergeant’s Boxers) are free deliveries. Those farther than 150 miles will be charged a shipping fee. All shipping is performed by us! 


We are currently accepting families to be added to our waitlist, but are suspending the acceptance of deposits until our litters have arrived. This is due to high volumes of families contacting Sergeant’s Boxers at this time. Once puppies have arrived, we will then accept deposits from families in the order of the waitlist. 
Deposits are completely refundable at any time UNTIL the family selects a puppy around 6 weeks of age. At that time, the deposit then becomes non-refundable. 


Waitlist and how it works
   *Sergeant’s Boxers always has first pick of any litter if a puppy is chosen to remain at Sergeant’s Boxers. 
Families are placed on the waitlist in the order of contacting Sergeant’s Boxers and requesting to be placed on the waitlist. Once puppies arrive, Sergeant’s Boxers will contact families in order of placement on the waitlist. A family can choose to select from this litter or “pass” to wait for a future litter. If the family chooses to “pass”, they will then remain in line for the next litter but will be moved up the list closer to the top of the list. This will allow them to be closer to getting the “pick of the litter”! 
Many families are thinking ahead and placing their name on our list so that they will be closer to the top of the list when they do become ready to bring a fur-baby home. This is absolutely acceptable. These families will never be penalized for passing, but will have the advantage of not being at the bottom of the list when they are ready. 
The waitlist is ongoing, which means that there are no separate lists for different litters. Families will be allowed to select puppies in the order of the waitlist. For example, if Remi had a litter of 5 puppies, the first 5 families will be contacted to allow them the opportunity to select a puppy. If they each accepted a puppy, the remaining families will then be moved up the list to the first spots. If Bailey then has a litter of 5 puppies, the next 5 families will then have the option of selecting a puppy from her litter. If anyone passes from either litter, the next family in line will then be offered a chance to select and puppy and so on. If we have 2 litters born at or around the same time, families will still be contacted in the order of placement on the list, but will be allowed to select from either litter until all puppies have been selected. 
   The waitlist can be found at It is getting fairly long, so don’t wait! Contact us right away if you’re interested in one of these future fur-babies!


What do I do now?
   If you are interested in being placed on our waitlist please let us know! Contact us today. We can be reached via text at 713-906-87984, email at, or through our facebook page at I (Cassie) am the absolute worst at answering the phone sometimes, but will gladly give you a call to talk through any questions you may have! When contacting us, please let us know what qualities are most important to you so that we may help you select the perfect fur-baby for your family! We spend a large portion of time with our puppies and get to know them all very well. We can absolutely assist picking the puppy with the right qualities and personality that best fits your family. 


   We absolutely love what we do and have a strong passion for it. Not only do we provide families with amazing boxers, but families are also provided lifetime breeder support. Our puppies are our number one priority and we cannot even begin to tell you how happy it makes us to place our fur-babies in such wonderful and loving homes. The happiness we experience from both the families and puppies on the “going home” days is nothing short of priceless. In that moment, with each family, we realize over and over again that this is why we do what we do. The feelings of happiness are almost overwhelming and just absolutely amazing!
   Our process, as well as the quality of our boxers & puppies and care they receive, is of the highest standards. We would have it no other way. We look forward to hearing from you! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any questions you may have!


Most Sincerely,
Cassie and Luke
Sergeant’s Boxers


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