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RACEA UKC Ch. Int. Jr. Ch. Sergeant's Darkest Before Dawn BCAT

Call Name: Dawn

DOB: June 4th, 2019

Color: Flashy Fawn

AKC # 

Sire: Fausto Di Vila Hunnicum

Dam: Remington Marie Cunningham

DM: Negative

ARVC: Clear

Dawn is our second keeper puppy! She is the offspring of Remington Marie Cunningham and she is quite the doll! She has a sweet face, but don't let that angel face fool you! She can be a little pistol too! We are so happy to have her stay with us at Sergeant's Boxers! She will go far and we have some major plans for this lovely girl! 

Dawn is 1/2 Euro and 1/2 American Boxer. 

Miss Dawn went to the IABCA show with us in Austin, Texas on September 14 & 15, 2019. She gained her International, National, and Honors Baby titles. At three months of age, she did absolutely amazing. She even made it to best of show! She will continue to do well! We have so many things planned for this baby girl. 

Dawn attended the ICE show in January 2020, as well as the UKC shows in Feb and March! Dawn is working towards her UKC Ch. title and we hope she obtains it soon! :)

7/29/20: Dawn attended the UKC show July 24-26 where she completed her competition wins and obtained her points for her UKC Champion title!! Dawn in now a UKC Champion!! Woo hoo!! Way yo go Dawn!

Health Testing

DM: Negative

ARVC: Clear


*IABCA National BA Champion

*IABCA International BA Champion

*IABCA Honors BA Champion 

*ICE National Jr Champion

*ICE International Jr Champion 

*ICE International JR Bronze Champion 

*UKC Champion

1x  Best in Show BBX Puppy  (ICE)

3x Reserve Best In Show BBX Puppy (ICE)

RACEA & RACEN (UKC Precision Coursing)


Future Litters

Dawn has quite a while before she will be due to have a litter

Show Results

2019 LoneStar Autumn Sieger Sept 14-15 Austin, Tx

Show 1: SG-1, 1st in class (Robin Hub)

Show 2: SG-1, 1st in class (Jean Pero)

Express Show: SG-1 Tim Robbins)

Show 3: SG-1, 1st in class (Felicity Trammell)

Show 4: SG-1, 1st in class, BOB, Group 1 (Pamela Wilson)

2020 Alvarado LoneStar State Winter Grand Prix, Jan 25th and 26th. ICE Dog Shows

Show 1: Judge Ken Hapgood- SG1, 2nd in class, BOB BBX, group 1 BOB BBX, Best in Show BBX puppy (Karen Hapgood & Mary Napper)
Show 2: Judge Karen Hapgood- SG2, 1st in class, BOB, BOB BBX, group 1, group 1 BBX, Reserve Best of Show BBX puppy (Ken Hapgood & Nelson Huber)
Show 3: Judge Mary Napper- SG1, 2nd in class, BOB BBX, group 1 BOB BBX, Reserve Best of Show BBX ( Ken Hapgood & Karen Hapgood)
Show 4: Judge Nelson Huber- SG1, 1st in class, BOB, BOB BBX, group 1, group 1 BBX, Reserve Best of Show BBX ( Mary Napper & Nelson Huber)
Petite Show 1: Judge Sonia Yearwood- SG1
Petite Show 2: Judge Sandra London- SG 1

UKC Show Feb. 2 &3, 2020
United Dog Owner’s Group, Inc.
Longview, Tx.

Show 1- 1st in class, Reserve Best Female (Judge Teresa Kocher)
Show 2- 1st in class, Reserve Best Female (Judge Karyn Colman)
Show 3- 1st in class, Reserve Best Female (Judge Rick Gann)
Show 4- 1st in class, Reserve Best Female (Judge Melissa Kidd)

UKC Show March 7 & 8, 2020
North East Texas American Eskimo Dog Association
Addison, Tx.

Show 1- 1st in class (Judge Ronny Junkins)
Show 2- 1st in class (Judge Alan Krenek)
Show 3- 1st in class (Judge Kevin Izard-Carroll)

UKC Show July 24-26th
Twister City Kennel Club
Grove, Oklahoma.

Show 1: 1st in class, Best Female (Ronny Junkins)
Show 2: 1st in class, Reserve Best Female (Richard Klatt)
Show 3: 1st in class, Best Female (Gary Richards)
Show 4: 1st in class, Best Female (Tina Camp)
Show 5: 1st in class, Best female (William Chrzanowski)
Show 6: 1st in class, Best Female (Stan Matsumoto)

Southeast Texas American Eskimo Dog Club
Selma, Tx
Sept 5th and 6th, 2020

Show 3 (Barbara Trammell)- Reserve Champion

UKC Show October, 2020
Twister City Kennel Club
Hutchinson, Kansas.

Show 3: Reserve Champion (Anne Kieffer)
Show 4: Reserve Champion (Lynn Martin)

United Dog Owners Group, Inc.  May 28-30 Canton, Tx

Show 2- Reserve Champion (Judge Debra Mitchell)
Show 3- Champion (Judge Lynn Martin)

Show 5- Champion (Judge Kathryn Baxter)

Show 6- Reserve Champion (Felicity Trammell)

Other Titles/Results

Premier Nationals
Kalamazoo, Michigan
June 16-20

*Precision Coursing- X3 runs in Novice Division, X3 runs in Advanced (earned RACEN and RACEA titles)

X1 Jump in Dock Jumping Novice Division

South Texas Collie Club 
Bayshore, Tx
April 10th and 11, April 24th and 25, May 15th and 16th

AKC Fast CAT runs with fastest time of 25.87MPH

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