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Int. Ch. Bailey Ann Cunningham

DOB: 06/06/2017. 

Sire: Azteca (Ruiz) Dam: Salbute (Valenzuela)

DM: Negative

ARVC: Carrier 

















Bailey is a 100% European flashy brindle Boxer with plenty of energy and love to share. She is a very sweet girl who absolutely loves water. Her favorite past time is swimming in the pond and playing in the water hose.

She is an International Champion. Bailey has all of her UKC points for her champion title and is now just waiting to gain her competition wins. 

Her daughter, Benelli, also resides at Sergeant's Boxers. 


Int. Jr. Ch. Sergeant's Benelli

DOB: 03/31/2019

Sire: Int. Ch. Franco Box Von Sanchex

Dam: Int. Ch. Bailey Ann Cunningham

DM: Negative

ARVC: Negative


Benelli is also 100% European, as well as the daughter of our beautiful girl Bailey. She has the sweetest heart and loves to give lots of "kisses". Just like her mama, she loves water!

Benelli is an International, National and Honors Baby Champion. 

Benelli also has her International, National and International Bronze Jr. Champion titles!

Benelli is also a UKC Champion!

Benelli is definitely a "Mama's Girl"! She is literally the sweetest girl ever and has the sweetest expressions. 

Remington Marie Cunningham

DOB: Dec. 21, 2016 Sire:Battle Trip Russell Dam: Peyton Marie DM: Carrier

ARVC: Clear



















Remington is a 100% American flashy fawn Boxer. She is the calmest, most laid back Boxer I have ever met. She would love nothing better than to just lay on the couch and snuggle. Remi is also a water-loving girl! Just like her best friend Bailey, Remi absolutely loves the water. Her dive into the pond is hilarious!

Remi is also a Dash Dog runner and has 81 points towards her title. We hope to have her title finished this year.

Remi is the mother to our beautiful girl, Dawn!

REMI 2.png

Kimber Lea Cunningham



DOB: 11/23/2017. Sire: Brody Bear Havard

Dam: Miss Gracie ARVC: Carrier

DM: Carrier













Kimber is a mostly American flashy fawn Boxer, but does have a small portion of Euro in her lineage. She is somewhat petite, but don't let her size fool you! She can pull her weight just fine. Kimber loves snuggling and giving LOTS of "kisses". Her best girl friend is Diva, but shes not much into hanging out with the crowd. She would rather just hang out with her daddy on the couch. 

KIMBER 2.png

Diva Marie Cunningham

DOB: July 18,2016

Sire: Dovetail Ranch's Riggin Dam: Princess Honey VI

DM: At Risk

ARVC: Carrier

DIVA 2.png

Diva is a 100% American classic brindle and our first female Boxer. Her favorite thing to do is ride the ATV with her daddy and give lots of "hugs". Diva has 58 Dash Dog points and is working towards her Dash Dog Title. Hopefully, she will have her Dash Dog Title by the end of the year! 

Int, Nat, Hnrs BA Ch. Sergeant's Darkest Before Dawn

DOB: June 4, 2019

Sire: Fausto Di Villa Hunnicum

 Dam: Remington Marie Cunningham

DM: Waiting for results

ARVC: Waiting for results

jan dawn.jpg

Dawn is our second keeper puppy! Her Mother is our very own Remington Marie Cunningham. We are so very happy she will be staying with us and have so many wonderful things planned for this sweet girl!! 

Dawn in a National, International and Honors Baby Champion. 

Dawn is a National, International, and International Bronze Jr. Champion. 

Dawn has won X1 Best in Show BBX puppy and X3 Reserve Best in Show BBX puppy. 

Dawn is now also a UKC Champion as of July 2020!

Sanchez's Moonlight Madness 


DOB: March 15, 2020

Sire: Almadinaks Raz I Navsegda

 Dam: Fiera Box Von Sanchez

DM: Waiting for results

ARVC: Waiting for results


Harley is a new addition to our Boxer family! She came from Sanchez AKC Boxers, who are our show and breeder friends! 

Harley has quite the fun and outgoing personality! She is full of much energy and keeps us on our toes! We absolutely love this girl and can not wait to enter her into the show world soon! More to come on this beautiful girl!

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