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Luke and I are very HUGE Boxer lovers! Our Boxers are not just dogs to us, they are our family members and an important part of our lives. We own a small piece of property in Madisonville, Texas where our fur-babies get to run, play, and jump in our pond. Let me just say, our Boxers LOVE water! We can barely get them to stay out of the water most days! They also get to take turns riding the Polaris Rzr and tractor around the property with us, which they each love to do! We have 8 Boxers, several who are shown and bred. We also have one mixed Boxer who is spayed and remains only a pet. All of our Boxers have daily interactions with us. They all sleep inside at night and enjoy the beautiful weather during the day! 

We started out just like every other breeder, not knowing exactly what to expect. We have spent long hours researching about the breed and learning the best practices. We continue to learn to things all of the time. We have a great support system and many great and knowledgeable breeders and friends. I also honestly believe we have the best vet ever. The relationship we have with our vet is absolutely wonderful! He is very knowledgeable and helpful, especially when we have questions that we are unable to find the answers to. Our vet assesses every puppy we produce. By the time our puppies go to their new home, our vet has laid eyes on them at least twice, with one of those times being a full and thorough assessment at 6 week's of age. He also cares for our adults and administers all of their vaccines as recommended to keep them healthy and safe. 

We have both Euro and American Boxers. Bailey and Benelli our out Euro girls. Captain and Dawn are 50/50 Euro and American. Sergeant, Diva, and Remi are our American Boxers. Kimber is mostly American, but has a very small amount of Euro in her lineage. We are asked many times about the differences between a European and American Boxer. Below, I have added pictures of both! I have completely fallen in love with the Euro look and personality. American Boxers are great too, though! It is mostly about preferance! 

We do our best to provide the healthiest puppies possible with the best temperaments. We also do our best to breed to the Boxer standard. Much time and research goes into each and every breeding. We stand by our Boxers and provide a 2 year health guarantee on all puppies. Prior to going home, all puppies will have had their tails docked and dew claws removed, worming every 2 weeks, 6 week's shots, and a full evaluation by our vet. Our puppies will NOT be sent home before turning 8 weeks old. Puppies will be fed Purina Pro Plan puppy food while in our care. 

All puppies are born and raised in our home. They do not go anywhere outside until they are over 6 weeks old, except to the vet. When traveling to the vet, they stay in their kennel and do not touch anything that could potentially cause them to get sick. No visitors are aloud until after the puppies have received their vaccinations, as allowing visitors in or around our home leaves the puppies susceptible to illnesses that could potentially be fatal. We want nothing but the best for our babies and will do anything possible to keep them safe. 

We entered the show world in 2019, which was a very new experience for us. I fell in love with showing and could see that our Boxers loved it too! I just love the looks in their eyes and the strutting around they do when at the show. It is almost as if they know they are supposed to strut their stuff and look good. Captain is the biggest "strutter" there is! After a show, he struts around for the entire week following! He certainly thinks he is hot stuff! We show with UKC, ICE (Internation Canine Events) and IABCA. 

I love helping others with their Boxer concerns or question. Please do not ever hesitate messaging me if you have any questions or concerns involving Boxers. Even if it is about a boxer that is not purchased from us! We are here to help and will do everything we can to help you through whatever Boxer situation you are going through! 

Our biggest goal is to raise the best boxer puppies possible! 

Thank you for visiting our page! We can also be found on Facebook on our page "Sergeants Boxers". Here, you will find many pictures of our boxers, shows, puppies, and prior litters. 

We hope to have the opportunity to provide your family with the best family fur-member possible! 

Our Team

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This is us!
Our Team
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