Upcoming Planned Litters

Good News! We have several planned upcoming litters!

Please email us at sergeantsboxers@gmail.com, message us through our page on Facebook "Sergeants Boxers", or text us at 713-906-8794. 

(Full disclosure: I (Cassie) am the absolute worst at answering the phone! Please message me using any of these methods first and we can then schedule a phone conversation. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause)!

We currently have a growing wait list. If you would like to be added to the wait list, please let us know. We are very excited about our next litters! Due to the increased amount of families requesting to be on our wait list, we are not accepting any more deposits until the puppies are born. We will allow the wait list to grow without requiring deposits at this time. Once puppies are born, we will begin accepting deposits ($200) from the families on our wait list in order of their placement. There is still plenty of room on our wait list, as we are expecting 3 upcoming litters. 

- Our puppies are all re-homed on limited AKC registration and spay/neuter contracts. Only a select few will be re-homed with full registration. 

- All parents are ARVC and DM health tested!

- A 2-year health guarantee is provided and can be found on our website under "Important information". 

Our 2 full European litters are $2500. Our 50% European litters as well as our American litters are $2000. 

**Sergeant's Boxers reserves the right to the first pick(s) from any litter. Sergeant's Boxers may also adjust the list at any time should certain situations arise**. 

*The wait list is ongoing. This means that for every litter, Sergeants Boxers will go down the list and offer puppies to the families in order of deposits received. The family may choose a puppy from the current litter or may pass to wait for a later litter. Even if the family initially expressed the desire for a puppy from a future litter early in the conversation, they will still be asked if they would like to select a puppy when the current litter selections start. Selections start at each litter's 6 weeks of age mark. This allows the families to not only pick from color, but also from personality. 

*Beside each family name is the initial desired color/sex of the family's future puppy. Please know that these can change at any time and are only listed for reference. 

*We reserve the right to make changes to this list at any time.

*** Lastly, Sergeant's Boxers will have first choice selection for ANY litter produced from Sergeants Boxers. This is non-negotiable.

(Highlighted in Green are the families who currently have deposits in place. Blue highlighted families do NOT have deposits yet).

Future Litter:

Mcintyre Family- Euro Litter- Unknown time of selection

Hobson Family- Fawn Male


Jessica- female- later 2021

Aguillard- Euro litter

Loff- 2021-flashy fawn

Petty- Flashy brindle or fawn female

Stewart- waiting

Rozycki-male-50% Euro- brindle

Perry-2022 waiting

Lybbert- fawn male/american- "M" litter?

Whitaker- Fawn female

Durett- Female

Lasher- Flashy fawn or brindle

Zimbelman- waiting

Askins- Euro brindle

Myers- Euro

Stellakis- classic fawn

Renee- Classic fawn male

Huey- brindle

Keller- Brindle male- Euro

George- brindle female-flashy

Hollingsworth: Flashy male

"O" and "P" Litters coming soon! 

Our next two litters are a surprise :) 
We will release more information soon. These will be amazing litters and we are so excited to share them soon!