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European Boxer Vs American Boxer

We are asked many times, "What is the difference between the European Boxer and the American Boxer?". 

The pictures below show the differences, though I always advise every family to research the breed well to determine what characteristics fit your family the best. 

In short, Americans are generally described as elegant, while Euros are usually described as being larger boned and have larger heads. 

Before I begin, let me just say that I tend to favor the European Boxer, although the American Boxer has great qualities too.


The first difference between the Euro Boxer and the American Boxer is the head. The Euro tends to have a larger, more square head and shorter muzzle. 

American Boxers are more elegant, while the Euros are larger boned and contain more substance. The Euros weight more than the Americans. 

The Neck: Again, the Euro tends to have a larger, more muscular neck; while the American has a slimmer, longer neck. 

The Coat: The American Boxer has a short, sleek coat. The Euro has a longer, thicker coat. 

Hing Quarters: The hind quarters on the Euro Boxers tend to be shorter than those of their American counterpart. 

Personality: The Euros at Sergeants Boxers are very energetic and require that we provide them things to do or toys to play with. Euro Boxers were bred for working and still have the working/prey drive instincts. The American Boxers at Sergeants Boxers tend to be more calm, though there are other breeders who have experienced differently. Both Euros and Americans alike will be very active and require an active lifestyle. 

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